Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Chuck", Don't Freak Out...Too Late

For weeks, no months, I have ignored all of the signs. I overlooked the ratings charts. I disregarded the response, “what show is that?” I even bypassed the all of the petitions forming online to save my favorite show.

Follow the link to see what happened when I stopped ignoring.

After reading’s Top Ten Shows in Danger, and seeing my beloved “Chuck” at not 10, not 5, not even 3, but the number 1 spot, I can say that I have officially begun to freak out. So now that I am in crisis mode, I think rather than panic it’s time to take action. I absolutely refuse to accept that my Monday nights could be sans Awesome’s abs, Jeff’s prison comments, Casey’s tranq darts, Sarah’s slow motion entrances, Chuck’s eyes rolling into the back of his head…well you get the point.

This is my proposal. In the past, endangered shows have sent the networks something relating to the show (Jericho-peanuts, Pushing Daisies-daisies). I propose that we, the Chuck fans, send sunglasses (cheap ones from your local drugstore) or watches (same deal) to the NBC. Why sunglasses and watches?

Well, my brilliant idea is to write on the sunglass lenses saying “Intersect Update, Chuck Renewal for Season 3 Complete,” and on the watches (maybe on a note) “Where’s Chuck now?” (GPS tracking system, get it?). Or any other clever phrase you can think of. Attached to either product, I suggest you attach a note that says “Buy More Seasons of Chuck,” (maybe in the shape of a Buy More t-shirt?).

And to spread more “Chuck” love I will soon be posting an Ultimate-Chuck update with mini-reviews of all the episodes I have missed. I know, you can hardly wait.

In the mean time tell EVERYONE you know to watch “Chuck” on Monday nights at 8pm.

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