Monday, February 23, 2009

CT, Bones: What Makes it Different from Every Other Formulaic Show?

So if you read my blog a few weeks ago then you know that Bones is basically my new obsession. I decided to share that fact with the rest of my campus in last weeks Campus Times. 

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Or click here to read the PDF version. Scroll to page 13. (It says it's continued on page 16, but it means page 15)

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

CT, Lost: The Ultimate Cult Favorite

In this past week's Campus Times I wrote a review of Lost so far this season. I mean it's only the best show on TV right now, so I thought it deserved a place in the spotlight. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
Click here to read the article online.
Or click here to read the PDF version. Scroll to page 15.

Had to do the picture that featured Sawyer without his shirt on. What a great hour.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

24, "2:00-3:00pm" Am I Missing Something?

I like 24. I do. I even wrote a nice review of it earlier that I never got around to putting up here. I was pumped by the prospect of Tony’s return. Allison Taylor as president intrigued me. Agent Walker was a welcome addition. Loved the idea of Bill, Chloe, and Jack working together in secret against the corrupt government to save the country. But after this episode I have a few problems with the way things are running over in the world of 24. Follow the jump to hear me out.

1) Correct me if I’m wrong. Dubaku is a known terrorist. Madame President knows this man is the one behind the attacks. The FBI knows he is the one behind the attacks. They have definitely heard his voice. From the point when Jack and Walker were about to infiltrate Dubaku’s headquarters and Jack said “I don’t see Dubaku” followed by “there he is” with a clear image on the screen, it can be assumed that they do know what he looks like. Right? Ok, so, if the FBI knows what he looks like, and they know what he sounds like, why on earth can this man walk into broad daylight surrounded by a crowd of people and not be recognized? And in what conceivable universe can this terrorist have (what appears to be) a nice, every day ordinary girlfriend? Doesn’t anyone read papers? If the situation in Sangala is as dier as President Taylor plays it out to be, you would think this man would plastered all over the international section of whatever fictional paper these people are reading. Which brings me to my next point of complaint.

2) How, I ask you, how is the country not storming the White House the planes that just barely collided on a runway, the two planes that fell from the sky resulting in hundreds of deaths, AND a gas leak in a chemical plant? If I were in that world I would be wondering what the hell is going on. The President has yet to deliver a public statement reacting to any of these attacks. There has been no indication that they have announced to the public that there is even a terrorist threat that is imminent. I mean really, are the people of the country really that ignorant? Are the writers trying to say that Americans don’t pay enough attention? Because even I don’t pay as much attention as I should to politics but hell, I would notice if two planes collided in DC. And then I would be pissed if within the next two hours an evacuation were called for in a random town in Ohio with no attention from the President. And wait, that’s not all. The attack in Ohio was solved for no apparent reason with zero explanation to the public. And that brings me to yes, another problem.

3) What exactly is the national crisis Bauer and company are trying to resolve at this point? In the past the country has been at Jack’s mercy. Which is the reason he stays up for 24 hours at a time to save the nation, wonderful super agent that he is. But really. The CPI device has, for all intensive purposes, been destroyed. Next weeks episode looks like its about…saving the First Gentleman? Sure a noble cause. But what makes it dire? Why is it important for Jack to save him? How does it have an audience on the edge of their seats? Personally I wasn’t even that interested in Mr. Taylor’s subplot. So unless his son was up to some seriously nationally threatening business that we learn about next week, I’m not gonna be too happy. I mean like season changing business. Like the episode in season 4 when the nerve gas canisters were reveled in the airport, or when we realized CTU was being targeted. I want excitement! I want danger! I want Jack Bauer to save the country!

If I am totally missing something, please (I beg you) fill me in. I would love to find out that I’m just forgetting a huge plot point that makes all of what I just wrote irrelevant. If not, I’m praying that the writers of 24 have some wonderful tricks up their sleeves to turn the tables this season. So here’s to hoping they know what their doing over there. Cheers!

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