Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Long Awaited Naughty List

So I was clearly wrong when I thought I’d be having lots of free time during the holidays. What was I thinking? Between catching up with friends, holiday shopping, and crossing some movies off of the classics list, the blog was kind of placed on the back burner. But now it’s back to business and time to present the Naughty list. So who’s got on Santa’s bad side this year? Follow the link to find out.

Now because I make a strong effort not to watch bad television this is going to be a list composed of the shows, people, networks, or anything else I was disappointed with this year.
  1. ABC for canceling Pushing Daisies. The show entranced me from the start and now that the magic is ending I really unprepared to say goodbye. The final three episodes have yet to be given a spot on the air and I have not had my fair share of pie making and dead-waking for my liking. The characters and relationships have grown immensely this season and I’m extremely sad to have to let them go.
  2. Tim Kring of Heroes for not taking the show in a new direction. The first season of Heroes blew me away. The fast paced story lines, interesting character backgrounds, and action packed episodes made for extremely entertaining hours of television week after week. Then came around season two and something went horribly wrong. I lost complete interest in the characters, hating the so-called “heroes” of the show, and not really understanding who the villains were supposed to be. Even Kring acknowledged his mistakes and promised to do better this year. However, his promise went unfulfilled and he gave us as uninteresting a season as before. While it was slightly better than season two, season three didn’t prove that the show could live up to its freshmen year. Now at the end of the first arc of season three, we are exactly (and I mean exactly) where we began before the show even aired. We’ll see if Mr. Kring can prove himself this time around, but I’m going to keep my expectations low.
  3. Fox for preemptively dooming Dollhouse. Now, maybe the show has had its complications in the pre-production stages, and sure, some critics haven’t given the pilot episode two thumbs up, but still it deserves a fighting chance. Placing the show in the Friday night graveyard doesn’t help.
  4. The Writer’s Strike for destroying several months of television and ruining the run of freshman shows (such as Pushing Daisies). I fully supported the cause of the strike and believed the writers deserved to take a stand for themselves. The consequences of the strike are what disappointed me. I hate reality TV, more than other people probably, but the reality that came out of the strike was particularly bad. The combination of bad reality tv and a lack of real entertainment really put me in a cranky mood for several months and most certainly deserves a spot on this list.
  5. And the ultimate winner, Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy for cooking up possibly the worst story line…ever. And not just for sticking with the story, but for believing that it is good! I mean really, a dead guy having sex with a living, otherwise interesting character. It doesn’t even sound good. I don’t think I can really go on to describe how much I hate the story line because it would be a useless rant. But basically, dead ghost Denny + real Izzie + physical contact – a real reason for his being there thus far = BAD.
Agree or disagree? Who or what did you think deserved to land on the naughty list this year?

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