Monday, December 8, 2008

HIMYM "The Fight": Lightsabers and Punches

The past few HIMYM episodes haven’t been quite up to par with their normal level of awesomness…but “The Fight” brought the show back to it’s roots. It brought the show back to what it is good at. Pure funny, not relationship focused or long term stories. One episode, one plot line, all funny. For spoilers follow the cut.

Classic Barney made this episode. Next to Marshall’s family fights…and Robin’s Canadian attraction to scars and lack of teeth. Ok, everything was really on tonight. But we’ll start with Barney. His lack of attention to the conversation with fillers of old black sitcoms was perfection. Even better though, was his attempted seduction of Robin by choosing to fight in order to impress her. Really, when are those two gonna get together? The look on Cobie’s face after she touches Barney’s scar was pure gold. She did a great job throughout the entire episode, from her inappropriate joke (that’s what she said anyone?) all the way through her asking Barney out and then backing down after discovering it was a fake fight: “I got that a…that a…that a…” And that was seven (count em, seven) “that a’s” for those of you who didn’t catch it.

Then we have Marshall. Oh how I love Marshall. The group’s idea of the Erikson brother fights complete with hot cocoa breaks and tickling was priceless. I believed it, which was further enforced by his use of puppets to try and get Lily’s kids to learn about fighting. Gotta love Mahatma Panda and Martin Luther Koala. But even better was the truth about Marshall and his brothers. Brutal, hard metal packed fighting, in the living room nonetheless. I knew Marshall had it in him.

Replay Worthy Moments:
  • Barney punching himself and Ted...and Ted crying.
  • Barney’s girl scream as he run’s away from the second fight scene.
  • What Marshall was doing while Ted and Barney were fighting:
    • “Your nails”
    • “Relationship quiz in this months Cosmo”
    • “Your best not to cry when Big came back for Carrie at the end of the Sex and the City movie” (spoilers much? Agreed Marshall)
    • “The captain of the football team because he gave you his promise ring and you looked so pretty in your open back homecoming dress.”
  • Marshall using a light saber to carve the turkey
Were you as glad to see the old HIMYM back as me?

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chelsea said...

i was! barney/robin were PERFECT last night, and really the best thing was that jason segal finally cut his hair. lol.