Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi. I'm Becky and I'm a TV Addict...

A typical family dinner on a weeknight at my house: "Turn off the TV." Silence. "I said turn of the TV girls." The characters on the show continue to talk while my sister, Dad, and I exchange glances. Then things really start to heat up. My Mom would continue her lecture on how we never listen to her and how dinner is a family time and how she wants to hear about our days and our lives, etc, etc. Finally my dad would jump in, "Ok turn off the TV." Then one of us would turn it off. "Oh so you listen to him!" Then we'd hear the drama about how she feels like she gets no respect from us and we never listen to her even though she always does everything for us, etc, etc. And then, after this twenty-minute ordeal, we'd sit down to one of our many memorable family dinners.

After any lecture such as this one I remember always hearing about the idiot box. My Mom would tell us how Grandma always told her and her siblings to shut off the idiot box. Why are you watching the idiot box? The idiot box is a piece of junk. No idiot box during dinner. Sound familiar?

Well, now a full-fledged college student and living on my own, I am the proud owner of my very own idiot box (shared with my fabulous roommate). We even have an idiot box recorder. Good thing too, because I think my brain would self-destruct without it. I'm what you could call a television addict. Yes, that's right. I admit it. I'm addicted to the idiot box.

You could even say that I somewhat live through the TV shows that I watch. I go to the same bar every Monday night with the gang of How I Met Your Mother. In the same night I (reluctantly) go to the Upper East Side with a bunch of snobs and meet a bunch of people with different abilities from all over the world. But the best part of the night is heading over to the Buy More and going undercover with Chuck, Sarah, and Casey to save the world, one flash at a time. Yea, I'm a busy girl when it comes to Monday nights. Places to be, people to see. Other days of the week I head to the basement of Harvard University to learn about Fringe science, I solve murderers with a guy who brings the dead back to life and bakes pies, I play pranks on Dwight with Jim and Pam while not selling Dunder Mifflin paper, I save lives with the doctors at Seattle-Grace Hospital, and save...well not the world, but Metropolis, with...well not Superman, but Clark Kent. Clearly, life without Tivo would be like me living in my own personal hell. 

So, why start a blog? It was my Mom's idea. Since arriving at school I have started writing for the Campus Times. I basically just write about whatever I want that has to do with television...that's the life, eh? I'm insanely jealous of those people that actually get paid for that sort of thing. So here's some things I plan on including:
  • All of my Campus Times articles
  • Thoughts about shows (on the air) that I'm watching
  • Thought about shows that I'm watching on DVD or shows that I love that are no longer on the air (which I have many of and never get to write about)
  • Occasionally some random stuff--good movies, good books, etc.
Now the key word was that these are the things I plan on including. Chances are I won't actually get to update this as often as I would really like to, but you can generally count on it at least once a week. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, if there's another show I should be watching, or any other thoughts you may have! In the mean time, keep watching that idiot box!


LAR said...

Becky, I am happy to help inspire your blog...it's good to know I encouraged your addiction to tv by insisting it be off during dinner and lecturing you on the evils of tv watching during family dinner. Sounds like I need to retake parenting 101. Seriously, I loved your column, you are a great writer and I hope you keep telling us all about your tv watching. We need to hear your thoughts on so many shows...keep writing.
love, mom

mkr said...

dinner without tv is like a sailor without the sea...